Rise above the storm and you will find sunshine — Mario Fernandez

Which quality in a human being does impress you the most? Talking about mine, I love people who are compassionate in a balanced manner. The reality of their expressions must match their actions.

A very usual question always thrown up at me by my acquaintances. They keep on asking me that how am I able to forgive and forget the ones who did wrong with me? Friends who have known me for years are amazed by this. Sometimes they get angry at me for not valuing self-respect. Then there comes a moment when they realize the depth of this act.

Haters are gonna hate. User are definitely gonna use you. The ones who criticize you can’t help themselves. Their mere actions or sayings are hurtful but these are the people who have deeper cuts and scars within their mind.

You know, understanding a human is the most complex task to perform in this life. They tend to change with respect to time, space and conditions. Your predictions could be wrong. But I find it fascinating and a challenge to take.

Forgiving is a special virtue that can be only practiced by the humane. You need to be caring and possessing the deep understanding of philosophy. People often say in sarcasm that “you are being so philosophical”. But does anyone even know that it takes a lot to be a philosopher. Extreme strength to practice philosophy. You specially require a deep sea of love.

Engineering and philosophy are the same in my eyes. If you only study, over time you will get bored with its existence until you practice it one day. How amazing it is to work on an engine! So why is it not amazing to work on our brain and heart? Why not train it or repair it when disturbed?

A big yes to your question, if you are wondering that psychology and philosophy go hand-in-hand.

Nightmares or dreams? If a person does something unacceptable to you it is easier to decide whether you have really forgiven them or not. If you find them in your enchanting dreams you have surely forgiven. But if their memories haunt you in nightmares i.e. your mind has yet not completely got rid of them. You need to work on the project further.

People usually leave it at this stage. I used to do this a lot. Forgiving by words but not truly with my brain’s permission. It is impossible believe me. That’s the point you realize; don’t just believe in letting go always.

Asking forgiveness is also a courageous act. Being bold and brave in quotes and in feelings is all good to go but when it comes to proof, I swear it squeezes the guts out of you.

Individual opinion, I have been angry with many people in my life. Sometimes for a short span of time or else longer. But I always had a thought to forgive them. My brain struggled with my heart many a times. Asking stupid questions like “how could you”? Then my heart speaks- We are all the child of God! The day you accept this fact that however uncool it may sound, but follow this trend. Think of this as a shared meme. Bring it to a platform where voices are heard and taken seriously.

Life is actually all about principles. Over years we have ignored the habits and attitude that our forefathers followed in their time. A man needs to be firm with what they speak or do. They should be aware of what they belief and the ideology they follow. The knowledge of putting their life into works of wisdom should be prioritized.

No books or lectures can teach you the art of forgiveness or forgetting. At least I have neither read or heard the strategy behind this. Search it within your heart. Ask yourself how big enough is the mistake to not forgive? Does your anger or act of not forgiving brings happiness and peace to both parties? How does your action impact everything? Your mind, body and soul?

The day you are able to answer all these questions, you’ll definitely understand the importance of forgiveness.

Forgetting brings space in your mind to fill with positive thoughts and wise experiences. Don’t leave behind traces of negative chapters thinking of them as source of motivation. They bring harm to your brain either short term or long term. Practice gratitude and kindness everyday. Be a big man!

Leave it all behind. RISE AND SHINE STAR! Rise above it all.

I pay my own bills. Life is to live! One day you'll read my book.